Diabetic Foot Care

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Did you know… Nearly 6% of the population has diabetes and the numbers continue to grow. Diabetes affects the foot primarily by its actions on the blood vessels and nerves. This often leads to hospital stays for infection and ultimately amputations. There were nearly 90,000 major amputations in the United States last year as the result of diabetes. However, it has been estimated that nearly 85% of limb loss can be prevented through educations and patient care plans.

We also specialize in diabetic and wound care Our goal is to relieve pain, correct deformity and prevent the devastating consequences of loss of limb.

Recommendations for the Diabetic Foot


  • Inspect feet daily. Any redness, swelling, sores, blisters or any change in appearance call the office immediately. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THERE IS PAIN.
  • If you cannot see your feet have a friend or relative inspect them or try using a mirror. Wear white socks and inspect daily for blood or other drainage.
  • Wash feet in warm water daily, dry well and apply lotion, but NOT on toes.
  • Wear comfortable wide shoes. Your doctor can determine if you qualify for diabetic shoes.
  • Inspect inside of shoes before wearing.


  • DO NOT ignore your feet.
  • DO NOT soak feet in any temperature water.
  • DO NOT trim nails or cut corns or calluses.
  • DO NOT use corn or callus medication.
  • DO NOT go barefoot.
  • DO NOT use heating pads or hot water bottles.

Other Recommendations for all Diabetics

  • Exercise often and control weight.
  • DO NOT smoke
  • Have cholesterol levels and uninalysis performed yearly.
  • Check blood pressure regularly.
  • Have eyes examined yearly.
  • Have hemoglobin A1C checked at least twice a year.

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